2022 F 900 R

459.000.000 VND

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VAT included.

The BMW F 900 R

Dynamic, progressive, intuitive

The puristic and powerful design of the F 900 R simply demands to be challenged. This dynamic roadster gives you the opportunity to get the adrenaline racing. The F 900 R responds with precision and accuracy. This means that you can engage its power intuitively, as if translating your thoughts directly into riding pleasure. The F 900 R also fully supports you with its lighting technology, connectivity, and safety – far more than the rest. Climb on, get going, #NeverStopChallenging.

Don’t be afraid – it just wants to have fun

Behind the muscular gestures of the F 900 R stands pure riding enjoyment. Its precise edges emphasize the athleticism of the machine like tensed tendons. It appears focused, finely tuned. The front is aggressive. Headlights and cockpit sit compactly on the handlebars. Like the fists of a fighter: covered and ready to attack every split second. The tank is towards the front providing optimal mass distribution and a short tail. The compact underfloor silencer supports this crisp look.

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Your style counts

Each style tells you something about the character of your F 900 R. Just like it does about yours.


The Light white/Racing blue metallic/Racing red combination is lively, fresh and distinctively feisty: it accurately expresses the character of the Dynamic Roadster.


The F 900 Exclusive in Blue Stone metallic expresses the F 900 R’s flawless demonstration of power in an accurate, cool and serene way.

Black storm metallic

Dark and dynamic: the contrasting elements underline the aggressiveness of the F 900 R.

3 years warranty

Ride on & on & on. We're giving you an extra year. 

Now there's a 3 year warranty on all motorcycles. 

Two-cylinder in-line engine

kW max. capacity (105 PS)
Nm max. torque at 6,500 rpm
capacity in cc
mm seat height

More torque for your life

More torque for your life

Intuitive, spontaneous, and dynamic – you don't wait around for happy moments. You simply take them as your heart desires. The high-torque two cylinder in-line engine of the F 900 R delivers 4,500 to 8,500 rpm for 87 Nm. Just the right speed range to get the most fun out of the power.

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Experience the sound of the F 900 R

The highlights of the F 900 R

High-torque engine
We see the engine of the F 900 R. It is the heart of the F 900 R and a guarantee of your riding enjoyment.
Agile chassis
We see the chassis of the F 900 R.
Adaptive headlight
We see the front headlights of the F 900 R with the adaptive cornering light.
Short exhaust
The short exhaust underlines the dynamism of the F 900 R.
Dynamic ESA
We see the electronically adjustable suspension, the Dynamic ESA.
TFT dashboard with Connectivity
We see the large 6.5“ TFT display of the F 900 R.
Gear Shift Assist Pro
A small part, a big relief: the Gear Shift Assist Pro.
Ideal seat height
We see the seat of the F 900 R. It adapts to most rider heights.

Adaptive headlight

Adaptive headlight

The adaptive headlight of the F 900 R switches on automatically at a lean angle of 7°. Separate LED elements in the main headlight ensure the best possible illumination of the inside of the curve. For more comfort and safety in every curve.

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Adapted – but only in terms of ergonomics

Adapted – but only in terms of ergonomics

The F 900 R has front-wheel ergonomics and a sporty design. Its six different seat heights, the adjustable hand lever, and the available high handlebars enable pretty much anyone to find their ideal position. The windshield is also available in a tall version, thus offering comfortable wind protection even on longer rides.

Everyone can find the F 900 R that best suits them. We believe this is what makes a dynamic roadster.


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More riding enjoyment

More riding enjoyment

With the optional Pro ride modes, you can turn every curve and every straight for pure enjoyment even faster: They include safety-related assistance systems like ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), and Engine Braking Control (EBC). The DBC guarantees more safety when braking, and the new EBC prevents the rear wheel from sliding or stamping when spontaneously activating the gas or clutch. The Gear Shift Assist Pro or the electronically adjustable suspension combine sporty dynamism with comfort: for even more riding enjoyment.

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Other models

Please note that some paintwork variants shown in the video are no longer available for the most recent model range.

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