M package

With the new M package, the RR has been turned into even more of a racer. Your RR has become the ultimate racing machine.

The exclusive sporty paintwork in the colours Light White/Racing Blue metallic/Racing Red emphasise the bike’s racing genes at the very first glance. And the other high-quality M features underpin this performance promise in the most impressive way.

For example, the Pro riding mode opens up the race track world to the rider with three additional configurable Race Pro 1-3 modes, making the RR, with its numerous racing extras, your winning bike on the race track. In addition to the three individually customisable riding modes, the exclusive Pro riding mode also provides special features like Launch Control, Pit Lane Limiter, Engine Brake with 3 brake settings in the Coast, Hill Start Control Pro, Dynamic Brake Control, and Slide Control features, as well as three additional Core Ride screens on the TFT display. Learn more about the Pro riding mode below in the general section on special features of the RR.

The innovative high-tech M carbon wheels are the highlight of the M package. Made of carbon and equipped with 5 mm thick brake discs, they provide maximum riding performance on and off the race track.

The M carbon wheels are 1.7 kg lighter in total than the standard aluminium wheels that have been weight-optimised by 1.6 kg. The reduced rotary masses due to the lower weight is reflected both in the improved acceleration and braking performance as well as in the optimal handling of the bike.

The M sport seat, which is available for the first time, provides the rider with more grip and support. The M package is rounded out by the high-quality M lightweight battery boasting the latest in lithium-ion battery technology. At 2 kg lighter, weighing in at just 1,288 grams, this battery is light and provides optimal start-up assistance for ambitious superbike riders who value every gram on their machine like gold.

The M package reduces the series weight of the RR from a total 197 kg* to a sporty 193.5 kg.


*Roadworthy empty weight, full tank, according to Regulation (EU) 168/2013 with all operating fluids, with standard equipment, and fuelled with min. 90% of the usable fuel tank capacity



Super sporty paintwork in Light White/Racing Blue metallic/Racing Red

Pro riding mode

  •  With 3 Race Pro 1-3 riding modes
  • Launch Control
  • Pit Lane Limiter
  • Engine Brake
  • Hill Start Control Pro
  • Dynamic Brake Control
  • Slide Control
  • M carbon wheels
  • M lightweight battery
  • M sport seat

M chassis kit (tail rise kit and swing arm pivot)

Dynamic package

Superior and dynamic drivability in any situation, maximum performance, and a high degree of comfort for unspoiled fun: the dynamic package boasts exciting and innovative technology as well as practical equipment features.

This package includes the latest generation of the electronic Dynamic Damping Control system, or DDC for short. The maximum damping can be reduced as needed in 10 ms using a parallel bypass valve controlled by the DDC. This means maximum performance at all times thanks to the road contact, thus giving you race-like ride precision due to the optimal, crystal-clear feedback.

The basic DDC settings are linked with the respective riding modes of Rain, Road, Dynamic, and Race, each with its matching driving characteristics. Customising the damping is easy in all Pro riding modes via an “electronic click” in the configuration menu.

The electronic cruise control keeps the speed constant and restrains the RR’s uncompromising power delivery when speed limits must be observed while riding in traffic. 

And the practical, responsive heated grips always keep your hands nice and warm on cold days. Focus fully on the route and enjoy maximum riding comfort.



Next Generation Dynamic Damping Control (DDC)

Grip heating

Cruise control

Race package

Superior and dynamic drivability, maximum performance, and excellent reliability for unspoiled fun on the race track: The Race package improves upon the RR's racing abilities and boasts exciting, customisable settings and exclusive features.

In Pro riding mode, for example, this makes the RR suitable for the race track with three additional Race Pro 1-3 riding modes and numerous racing extras in addition to the M chassis kit (tail rise kit and swing arm pivot). The Race Pro 1-3 riding modes enable the rider to create three riding profiles, in which Wheelie Control, Front Wheel Lift-off Protection, Engine Mapping, Engine Brake, ABS Pro, and Traction Control (DTC) can be configured independently. More information about the Pro riding mode can be found below in the general section on special features of the RR.

In addition to these freely configurable riding modes, the special exclusive features also include Launch Control, Pit Lane Limiter, Hill Start Control Pro, Dynamic Brake Control, and Slide Control.

In addition, the RR has black anodised M forged wheels with 5 mm thick brake discs, which have proven themselves in racing and ensure a noticeable improvement in riding performance.

This racing package is rounded out by the high-quality M lightweight battery (2 kilogrammes lighter than standard batteries) boasting the latest in lithium-ion battery technology, among other features. Weighing in at just 1,288 grams, this battery provides optimal start-up assistance for ambitious superbike riders who value every gram on their machine like gold.



Pro riding mode

M forged-alloy wheels

M lightweight battery

M chassis kit (tail rise kit and swing arm pivot)

Front passenger package

Double the riding enjoyment for everyone who likes enjoying the wind together: the front passenger package from BMW Motorrad gives that racing feel for two with its passenger seat bench and matching front passenger footrest (passenger seat not included as standard). The seat bench is available in black and the footrests in silver, with both perfectly matching the uncompromising racing design of the RR.

M Carbon package

Elegant, sporty, and extremely light: The exclusive Carbon package supercharges the superbike look of the machine. Its high-quality CFRP racing components simply look perfect. What's more, this lightweight, high-tech material meets the highest requirements for performance, exclusivity, and individuality. This package includes front and rear wheel M Carbon covers, the M Carbon  chain guard and sprocket cover, and the M Carbon top side fairing. The lightweight and durable components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic are sealed with a UV-resistant high-gloss paint and meet the highest BMW Motorrad standards.


  • High-quality components made of lightweight, high-tech material
  • UV-resistant high-gloss paint
  • Elegant yet sporty look
  • Combination of performance, exclusivity, and individuality
  • Weight-optimized    
M Billet Pack

The Billet Pack emphasises the sporty character of the bike with high-quality components and exclusive M branding. The anodised aluminium milled parts, collapsible and adjustable clutch and handbrake lever, adjustable footrest system, pillion footrests and engine guard deliver maximum value.

Accessories for the S1000 RR

Individual equipment.

Pro riding mode: The race track awaits.

The special Pro riding mode, and its three individually configurable modes of RACE PRO 1, RACE PRO 2, and RACE PRO 3, opens up the race track world to BMW Motorrad superbike riders. In addition to the Launch Control and Pit Lane Limiter features, you receive the HSC Pro (Hill Start Control Pro) and the new DBC (Dynamic Brake Control).

The following features can be controlled in RACE Pro mode:


  • Engine: Two gas characteristic curves are available here. Smooth and perfect, with maximum performance. In addition to the 2 gas characteristics, you can select a reduced torque for the lower gears and a maximum torque for gears 4 to 6 – everything with the goal of the highest possible controllability and performance.
  • Engine Brake: There are 3 engine brake torques available here.
  • Traction (DTC): Offers you four basic settings, RACE Pro also provides the DTC +/- shift to adjust the settings while riding.
  • Wheelie (DTC): You also have four configuration options here: OFF (you must control wheelies yourself), High Wheelies, Performance Wheelies, or Maximum Stability.
  • ABS and ABS Pro: Can be adjusted along 5 levels depending on the mode – from maximum stability to highest possible performance (incl. the option to block the rear wheel for slides) The chosen settings are easy to read on the 6.5" TFT display and explained with corresponding text.
Dynamic Damping Control (DDC)

More performance, more safety, and more riding enjoyment. In the latest generation of the Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) system, the electronic valve is placed in parallel with the mechanical valve. This provides maximum damping: you can decrease and then increase damping in real time as needed via the bypass line (response time in 10 ms range). Without reducing feedback. Optimised for any riding situation, available in and adjustable to all riding modes – on the race track as well as the street. The shim pack provided by chassis specialists can also be adjusted to your needs as a rider. The DDC is available individually as a special feature as well as a component of the Dynamic package.

Cruise control

Constant speed when needed. The electronic cruise control can be activated at 30 km/h and keeps the riding speed constant. This makes it possible to enjoy relaxed long motorway stretches in particular. The function is deactivated by braking, and the selected speed is resumed after pressing the resume button.

Heated grips

Cold hands are a thing of the past: This is what the electrically-heated grips with multi-level control provide. They increase comfort and, at the same time, make riding safer because it is far easier to control your motorcycle on cold days and when riding in the rain with warm hands and more feeling in your fingers.

Wheels design option

Sophisticated sporty look. With the Wheels design option, the sporty look of the machine is emphasised by red decorative stripes on the rim edge. The lining painted in dynamic red on the standard rims show off the racing genes of the bike at the very first glance and matches the overall design of the bike perfectly. 

Tyre pressure monitoring TPM

The optimal tyre pressure: BMW Motorrad’s tyre pressure monitoring (TPM) system automatically warns the rider when tyre pressure is lost, thus ensuring maximum safety at all times. If the pressure deviates from the nominal values specified by the manufacturer, the system immediately informs the rider of this with a warning notification. Depending on the relevance and speed of the pressure loss, a yellow or red warning light will illuminate, giving the rider the opportunity to react immediately. The TPM system also makes regular inspections of the air pressure far more convenient. The current tyre pressure of both wheels can be displayed in the cockpit at any time at the press of a button. When the tyre warms up on the race track, no temperature increase will be detected; the tyre air pressure is displayed in a way that compensates for the temperature and relates to a tyre air temperature of 20°C.


Anti-theft alarm system

So that you feel secure. The alarm system responds to positional changes and vibrations with an acoustic alarm and flashing hazard warning flasher. Passers-by will quickly become aware thanks to this warning system. The alarm system is activated automatically when the ignition is switched off. The system requires no additional remote control.

Intelligent emergency call

Rapid assistance in case of emergency. In a motorcycle accident, every minute counts. It is important that emergency responders arrive on location quickly in the event of an emergency. This is not always the case on remote stretches of roads, where valuable time is lost. The intelligent emergency call system is activated as soon as the ride starts, which saves valuable time. The intelligent emergency call system automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to notify emergency responders as quickly as possible. The intelligent emergency call system determines both the vehicle’s coordinates as well as data on the direction of travel, so that emergency responders are able to quickly reach locations that are difficult to determine. The consequences of the collision and the state of the motorcycle are transmitted via sensors on the motorcycle so that accidents can be reliably recognised and differentiated from typical motorcycle driving situations. The system also attempts to establish an initial dialogue with the affected party and can even be set to a foreign language when abroad. Speakers and a microphone are attached to the right handlebar for this purpose. The rider is informed visually and acoustically if an emergency call has been made. The intelligent emergency call system can also be triggered via the SOS button on the handlebar in order to help other people in traffic, for instance. The rider does not need their own smartphone, does not need to enable any SIM card on the vehicle, and is not responsible for any cost associated with using the data service.

Sports silencer

High-end perfection: This high-quality slip-on sports silencer made of titanium with carbon end cap ensures a robust sound and sporty look. In addition, the sports silencer developed with Akrapovič is weight-optimised compared with the standard silencer.

M carbon accessories

The high-quality M carbon accessories give your bike even more of a racing look. They are lighter than the standard components, thus reducing the total weight of the RR. All carbon accessories are impact-resistant, furnished with a UV-resistant glossy finish, and enhance the look of your bike.


  • M carbon airbox cover
  • M carbon chain guard
  • M carbon rear wheel trim
  • M carbon front wheel trim
  • M carbon pinion cover
  • M carbon left and right tank trim
  • M carbon fairing side panel
M data logger

The M data logger was specially designed for the race track. It is used to store and evaluate all important ride data.

M rider footrests

The M rider footrests from BMW Motorrad provide a dynamic look and a perfect sporting character and ergonomics thanks to the various adjustment options. It is milled from a high-strength aluminium alloy, is particularly lightweight, and offers optimal corrosion protection due to the tricolour anodisation.

M sport seat

The M sport seat was specially designed for the race track and allows for effort-less riding thanks to the optimal feedback (available as M sport seat tall/seat height 849 mm, M sport seat/seat height 824 mm, and M sport seat low/seat height 814 mm). With its particularly non-slip surface material and rigid foam, it provides the rider with the best hold when hunting for those crucial tenths of a second.

M front passenger footrests

The M front passenger footrests are milled from an anodised aluminium alloy and give your bike even more of a sporty look. Because of their design, they are very light, but still remain stable, thus giving the pillion a secure hold at all times.

M handle lever for brakes and clutch

The CNC-milled M hand lever (hand brake level and clutch lever) made of corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium underpin the sporty look of the bike in a particularly impressive way. They match the design of the bike perfectly and can be reversed to fold up, which reduces the risk of bending or breaking in the event of a crash. The distance of the handlebar to the hand lever can be adjusted along five different levels, and the ergonomic, rounded lever shape provides an extra helping of riding comfort.

The M remote adjuster for BMW Motorrad brakes was specially developed for the race track and can be used to easily and remotely adjust the brake pressure point during travel. In addition, the entire shape of the brake lever is optimised for use in races. Black anodisation ensures that the appearance of the aluminium lever matches your bike.

M hand lever guards

Indispensable on the race track, the M hand lever guards also make a clear statement of its uncompromising sporting character on the street. The curved bar made of aluminium and plastic protects the brake and clutch lever on the handlebar from being accidentally activated when coming into contact with another vehicle.

M chain tensioner

The M chain from BMW Motorrad makes it possible to precisely set the chain tension as well as the rear wheel alignment, and gives the motorcycle a particularly sporty look. It is milled from high-tensile aluminium alloy that is very light yet durable. Double anodising ensures optimal corrosion protection.

M lightweight battery

Excellent performance, low weight. The high-quality M lightweight battery boasts the latest lithium-ion technology and is a full 2,000 g lighter than the standard series battery at 1,288 g. The best start-up assistance for ambitious superbike riders who want to invest in every gram on their bike. 

M bike stand intake

The M bike stand intake makes it possible to use the rear of the Sport stand. The high-quality pivot arm adapter is simply mounted at the rear to the pivot arm and can remain on the motorcycle even during use. With their M look, they fit the sporty racing design of the bike perfectly.

M engine protector

The aluminium M engine protector from BMW Motorrad is equipped with a replaceable plastic grinding pad. It protects the engine from direct grinding on the asphalt in extreme cornering situations, thus reliably preventing grinding on engine components and the ensuing engine damage.

M oil filler neck

The look of the M oil filler neck made of black anodised aluminium with white lasered M logo gives a sporty accent. The cover is equipped with three holes, which provides protection from opening on the racetrack.


M cover kit

For those looking to make their bike fit for the racetrack, mirrors just as unnecessary as the number plate holder. The high-quality covers in the M cover kit from BMW Motorrad easily close the openings on the body as a result of disassembly. And the front trim panel put perfectly back in place.

M bracket clamp for stub handlebars

The high-quality M bracket clamp from BMW Motorrad gives off a sporty look. Milled from high-tensile aluminium alloy, the clamp is particularly light but, at the same time, absolutely durable. Anodisation provides optimal corrosion protection from wind and weather.

M forged wheel, rear

The forged aluminium wheel is black anodised and available in wheel size 200/55 ZR 17 rear. With 5 mm brake discs, it provides the highest braking performance and, due to its low rotary mass, guarantees a noticeable improvement in riding performance on the race track as well as on the street.

M forged wheel, front

The forged aluminium wheel is black anodised and available in wheel size 120/70 ZR 17 front. With 5 mm brake discs, it provides the highest braking performance and, due to its low rotary mass, guarantees a noticeable improvement in riding performance on the race track as well as on the street.


Tank bag, 10 l

The 10 l tank bag from BMW Motorrad with belt connection fits the racing design of the bike perfectly. It does not slide and provides sufficient stowage space for your travel accessories thanks to its expandable volume of 6 litres to 10 litres.


Bag for passenger seat, 10 l

The passenger seat bag from BMW Motorrad is perfectly adapted to the racing design of the bike. It can be fitted precisely to the passenger seat without the use of special holders, retains its shape, and can be expanded from 7 to up to 10 litres in volume for more baggage, which will stay well protected in the water-tight inner bag.

Saddle bags, 21 l

The saddle bags from BMW Motorrad fit the sporty design of the bike perfectly. Use them to store items and keep them safe in the water-tight inner bag. The black bags including spacers can be removed quickly and easily thanks to the quick lock, as needed.


Ergonomics and comfort

Windscreen, tinted

Sporty aesthetic. The tinted windscreen underpins the sporty look of the motorcycle. With scratch-resistant coating for permanent transparency. The dimensions and shape are identical to the standard windscreen.

Tall windscreen (clear and tinted)

Pure racing. The tall windscreen from BMW Motorrad is designed in the domed shape typical to racing and approx. 53 mm taller than the standard windscreen (also available tinted). It provides the rider with considerably better protection from the wind when riding in a horizontal position, with the reduced air resistance ensuring a noticeable increase to the maximum speed.


Brake disc lock with alarm system

Two-fold protection against theft: the brake disc lock with alarm system is the perfect theft protection when you are on the go. The tempered steel lock provides secure protection against manipulation and is easy to stow thanks to its compact design. The alarm system reacts with an acoustic alarm to the slightest movements and vibrations.


Radiator protective grille

The BMW Motorrad protective grille provides secure protection to the radiator from tyre abrasion particles and damage from stone chips when on the race track. The two-part polyamide grille is made to fit the upper water cooler and the bottom oil cooler, and its design perfectly suits your bikes aerodynamic profile.

Protective film for 6.5" TFT display

The protective film provides secure protection to the 6.5” TFT display from dirt, stone chips, and damage. The tempered glass has an anti-glare and anti-reflective surface so that your TFT display is always easy to read. With BMW Motorrad model inscription.

Maintenance and technical details

Sport auxiliary stand

The Sport auxiliary stand makes it easy to jack up your machine quickly and securely. The lightweight yet durable design made of painted steel tubing has four large wheels each, thus requiring little effort when jacking up. The very durable stand makes repair and maintenance work a breeze.

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